• 100% Pure Soy Wax
  • 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil
  • Infused with organic terpenes
  • Pure cotton wick
  • 50+ hr burn time
  • Entoruage Effect with cannabis and terpene aromatherapy
  • Handmade in Colorado, USA
  • Recommended Sesh Time: 2-5 hour burn

  • *Does not contain THC*

Lavender Jones Kush Candle

SKU: 006
  • Lavender Jones – Kush Candles fragrance is an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lavender, orange, lemon, and cedarwood.

    This fragrance oil is infused with Linalool and Myrcene organic terpenes.

  • Linalool:

    • Aroma: complex floral notes
    • Therapeutic Effects: anti-anxiety, sleep aid
    • Strains Containing High Levels: Amnesia HazeLA Confidential, and Master Kush


    • Aroma: earthy, musky, herbal, clove
    • Effects: “couch-lock” effect, relaxing
    • Strains Containing High LevelsOG KushWhite WidowSkunk XL